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ABOUT Ambient Showroom


AMBIENT offers the latest collection of modern kitchens and bathrooms, closets and interior doors. We feature contemporary designs and minimal aesthetics.

Our continuous evolution and attention to detail have inspired us to assemble an extensive and innovative collection of leading European brands. 

We create personalized environments that mould architectural form, unique materials and technological solutions with the utmost attention to detail. We integrate European design with West Coast lifestyle in diverse creative interpretations that architects, interior designers, and homeowners can utilize in their projects.

AMBIENT design collections are showcased in a showroom in Vancouver’s Armoury District, a cultural destination for design, furniture, art, and architecture.

We invite you to explore our website, enjoy the products showcased and begin to plan your vision with personal assistance of AMBIENT.


Getting ready in the morning can be a challenge, especially if your closet is not well organized. How you lay your wardrobe out has a lot to do with how efficiently you can get ready. A space that is designed to function well that also allows for decor statements will make the process of getting ready quick and enjoyable.

Turn your closet from a dark, cluttered corner into a luxe dressing room with these tips:

Above: Italian brand Lema makes modern closets and wardrobes in the sleek, minimalist style we love.

This modern walk-in closet called Open has structure and drawers in melamine Larice Grigio, glass shelves with metal frames and built-in LED lights. .

Get lit

To make your closet easier to navigate, add some light fixtures to it. While adding lights to a room is practical, it can also be stylish. Choose fixtures that are decorative and showcase your personality. You can add LED lights above your hanging clothes. After all, what is the point of having everything at your fingertips if you cannot see it?

Above: Linear LED lights incorporated in the shelves. Walk-in closet Hangar by Lema.

Get organized

Favourites shoes are displayed and or stored inside drawers so you can easily pair them with your outfit. Belts and other accessories are organized in display cases so they are easily accessible.

Above: Display case and shoe storage. Walk-in closet Hangar by Lema.

It is all in the details

It can be difficult to remember to pair jewellery, belts with your outfits when they are out of reach. Display cases and drawers with glass tops are also an excellent way to keep these small pieces protected from damage or getting lost.

Above: Drawer with glass top. Walk-in closet Hangar by Lema.

Closet island – dresser and display case

Keep your precious pieces on hand by putting them front and centre in your closet. An island with glass display case is a great way to organize and display your jewelries and accessories.

Above: Areia display case with double drawers by Lema.

Closet island – seating, dresser and display case

A low profile, contemporary island featuring bench, drawers and a refined display case perfect for showcasing personal objects: watch collections, jewellery and leather accessories.

Above: The Faroe island dresser, display case and bench from Lema Italy.

Clean canvas

Crisp, white walls are the perfect backdrop for a walk-in closet. It gives the space a fresh, modern look that also makes your clothes stand out. Consider adding sections to your closet so that you can hang more of  your clothes instead of folding them. It also makes it easier to see all of your clothes instead of looking through drawers.

Above: The Novenove white walk-in closet from Lema Italy.

Glass doors

By using glass closet doors, you will have an unobstructed view of your wardrobe, It also gives you the opportunity to display your clothes, shoes and bags. while protecting them from dust and discoloration.

Above: From Italian company Lema, the Armadio al Centimetro Dandy is a closet system with glass doors.

In the Dandy closet your clothes take centre stage. The door, characterised by its perimetric frame in black metal is available in a large assortment of panels: transparent glass, bronze reflecting glass, lacquered glass in 10 colours and bronze glass with textile-inspired silk-screen printing or decorative fabric. A custom closet that can be adapted in height, width and depth, featuring wide internal equipment options to suit any need. Drawer units, display cases, trouser racks, belts and shoes, shelves and hanging rails with built-in LED lights are completed with luxury details in leather and fine fabrics for a wardrobe that is truly elegant.


Curate your closet every season so that you are not wasting the valuable real estate on items you never wear. You will have more space for new pieces and cleaning out your closet regularly will leave it more organized. Donate anything that you have not worn in more than a year.


You decorate your outfit with accessories like rings and bracelets so why not adorn your closet as well.

If you are ready to finally get your closet organized, call AMBIENT today. We will make your closet a beautiful and functional space.


March 2017

AMBIENT / offers the latest collections of contemporary kitchens, bathrooms, closets and interior doors. We feature modern designs and minimal aesthetics that integrate European design with West Coast lifestyle.  Ambient modern kitchen showcased in our Vancouver Armoury District showroom. Cabinetry by Elmar Italy. Slim and EL01 collections.

European kitchens Vancouver


February 2017

AMBIENT / presents Puro by Milldue Italy. Design by Michele Marcon.
Essential design meets material research: this is how Puro came to light. The new Milldue collection reinterprets the beauty of rigorous lines enriched by the classical charm of wood and integrated stone sinks. An eclectic approach that reminds of the most authentically exclusive minimalist design.  Click here for details about the collection.
Available exclusively at Ambient Vancouver.

trough stone sink in Bathroom stores vancouver


February 2017

CEA DESIGN. Avantgarde minimalist. Stainless steel faucet collections. Made in Italy.
Ambient features Cea Design aworld-class leader in the design and manufacturing of stainless steel faucets and shower systems.
Shown here Ziqq Collection. Click here to see more.
Available exclusively at Ambient Vancouver.


January 2017

AMBIENT / presents a new collection of interior doors by Albed Italy. 
Albed was founded in 1964 with the idea of making high-quality design interior doors. Since then Albed developed a wide range of doors, room dividing systems, and walk-in wardrobes. These solutions can adapt to any space, to furnish rooms while creatively optimizing every area of the home and office in a refined, thoughtful and innovative way. Technology, know-how and our production cycle that is entirely an internal process, allows us to make products and offer a “tailor-made” service for every furnishing need.
Shown here Prima Collection. The door in Vetro Arrow Grigio. Click here to see more. 
Available exclusively at AMBIENT / Vancouver.


August 2015

AMBIENT / presents Anteprima collection of walk-in closets by Pianca Italy. Created 60 years ago, with a long-standing tradition in the carpentry industry, Pianca now uses advanced, modern technology and hands-on craftsmanship, to create high-quality closets, shelving, and furniture. Pianca takes pride in employing young talent as well as famed European designers, to ensure that their designs incorporate new ideas and new innovations. The combination of beauty and function is Pianca’s motto which is evident in their extensive line of modern closets, sofas, beds, tables, chairs, sideboards, wall units, and mirrors.  At Pianca, adding convenience and function to modern homes is as important as adding a sophisticated style. 
Available exclusively at AMBIENT / Vancouver.
Shown here Anteprima Collection.  Click here to see more.


Closets Vancouver


June 2015

AMBIENT / IBordi collection by Teuco Italy is the result of an attempt at giving a harmonic sense to the universal voice of material. The result is a wraparound space which is also strikingly simple, a setting designed to welcome you and enchant your senses. Its details are naturally inscribed in the material of its components, making it perfectly suitable for any particular interpretation, from Carrara marble to the ultra-modern Duralight®, and also Grey Stone.  Click here for details about the tub. Designed by Carlo Colombo.
Available exclusively at Ambient Vancouver.

IBordi freestanding bathtub


May 19, 2015

BAÍA Bathtub: When you’ve got an enormous bedroom, you might as well put an expensive tub smack in the middle of it. The price of this Antonio Lupi BAÍA tub isn’t even listed on the site–so you know it probably costs something crazy.
ELLE DECOR MAGAZINE: BAÍA Bathtub by Antonio Lupi is Gwyneth Paltrow’s favourite thing: “It’s in the middle of my bedroom—perfect for a relaxing wind-down and for bathing the kids.”  Click here for details about the tub. Available exclusively at Ambient Bathrooms Vancouver.

Bathtubs Vancouver


January 2014

AMBIENT / presents Symi, one of Milldue’s bathroom cabinetry collections celebrated for its revolutionary design. It creates a new design path for bathroom furniture. The collection features elegant curved doors and recessed handles.
For over 30 years Milldue Arredi S.p.A. has been creating luxury bathroom cabinetry for a discerning global market. In collaboration with renowned designers like Lino Codato, Samuele Maza, Alessandro La Spada, Michele Marcon, Milldue is an international brand of luxury in the best Italian style.

Bathroom Cabinets Vancouver



January 2014 

AMBIENT / presents modern bathroom furniture collections from Milldue Italy. Kubik is a collection famous for its impecable design and the most extensive in the “Timeless design” series. Kubik features perfect 45 degree angles and cantilever options.

For over 30 years Milldue Arredi S.p.A. has been creating luxury bathroom cabinetry for a discerning global market. In collaboration with renowned designers like Lino Codato, Samuele Maza, Alessandro La Spada, Michele Marcon, Milldue is an international brand of luxury in the best Italian style.

Bathroom Vanities Vancouver