A leather-covered storage compartment is hidden under the tabletop: an interesting encounter between the luxury of the materials and their functionality, between craftsman work and contemporary use.


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Designer: Toan Nguyen
Manufacturer: LEMA SKU: wow

Wow table signed by Toan Nguyen is a perfect example of wood used for an important object: the linear top is supported by an actual sculpture, a continuous ribbon of wood, a curved and sinuous form which enriches the dining area. A round table that becomes dining room centrepiece thanks to the colour of its materials, elective place to share moments.

Designer: Toan Nguyen
Manufacturer: LEMA
LEMA was the first company in Italy to create custom modular systems for the furniture. This concept allowed Lema to create a complete range for the home that can be arranged according to personal taste and requirements. This is LEMA Casa, where design is free from restrictions and characterized by a lived-in atmosphere, thanks to the impeccable quality and elegance of the single pieces. These creations live in harmony, able to adapt freely and naturally in every home worldwide. Woods, glass and metals worked in different ways create these impeccably designed items, giving a modern interpretation of the every day furniture and demonstrating the essence of Made in Italy.



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