Commercial Bathroom – Leone Vancouver

Located in Vancouver’s upscale fashion store ‘Leone’, home to the finest luxury designer clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories, is an elegant lounge area and commercial bathroom. Upon walking in, you are greeted with a modern and European styled lounge area which depicts the luxurious and high fashion feel of Leone. The lounge area is impeccable with marble accents and a modern design of the classic colours of black, white and grey.

The black marble flooring accented with white marble counters adds a clean look to the bathroom entrance. The wide mirrors above the marble counters with a series of inlaid sinks are accented with silver wall sconces add a soft look to the sharp edges of the room. The faucets are installed in the wall and made automatic to add another element of cleanliness. This area is made almost entirely automatic with automatic faucets, soap dispensers and blow dryers to help eliminate any scuffs and marks on the silver surface.

A little nook is placed at the edge in a groove in the wall, with modern, minimalistic chairs placed against a mirror that faces the bathroom, giving an impression of more space than what is actually there.

The lounge area leads into a similarly themed bathroom section, with the exception of white marble walls in the stalls. The bathroom stalls are divided and hidden by smoky translucent glass doors with silver handles and can open to reveal a minimal layout of a toilet, handle rod and a large green plant in the corner for a pop of colour among the blacks, whites and greys.

If you are interested in having this type of set up in your home or commercial building (we can make any adjustments if required), please don’t hesitate to contact Ambient Showrooms today! We take pleasure in serving you.