Contemporary Condo Bathroom – Kitsilano Vancouver

This European styled bathroom has a closed concept layout but it utilizes the small space so well that it appears spacious. The colour scheme of the bathroom is considered neutral with the hues of egg white, chrome silver, and light tans. These colours allow for less lighting to be utilized because it gives the bathroom its own brightness.

Upon walking into the bathroom, there is a narrow view with a tile walkway and the necessary additions on each side of the walkway. One the one side is an aboveground tub that merges with the corner wall and has a half glass wall with a silver handle which can allow it to close further. The tub is a two in one feature that doubles as a bathtub and a shower with its attached showerhead. The glass features such as the closing door and the window above the tub give it a more open feel to space. Also, the inbuilt shelf is a great space-saving technique that provides the benefits of leaving the tub spacious and is a handy spot to place any bathroom soaps, shampoos, and conditioners.

On the other side of the bathroom walkway, opposite the tub is a long counter with an inlaid sink and a jutting platform shelf that is useful to put necessities such as a hand mirror or lotions on. The sleek appearance of the cabinets combined with deep shelving leaves room for a lot of storage space. There is one small mirror hung above the sink with two wall sconces on either side of it that shine bright yet soft lighting which just illuminates the brightness of the bathroom.

The overall effect is a contemporary yet modern design that is clean, sleek and bright.

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