Contemporary Kitchen – West Vancouver

This European styled kitchen makes the most of its space with modern designed countertops, cupboards and strategically placed lighting. Designed in the sleek, monochromatic colours of black, white and grey, the kitchen blends seamlessly with the open concept sitting area. Those classic minimalistic colours only make the warm colour of the wooden floor stand out, making it an almost focal point for the entire area.

The wooden floor is a great contrast against the grey tiled walls and black solid wooden cabinets. The various types of lighting from ceiling panels, hanging lights and pot lights all contribute to a well-lit atmosphere that is soft but not too bright against the white counters.

The kitchen area is narrow but with the use of the narrow counters against the wall and the island that runs about the same length, space is being optimized. The opaque cabinets that do not have handles and have invisible hinges add a sleeker look to the overall minimalist and modern aesthetic. This allows for a clutter-free space but still holds a lot of storage areas for any food necessities, and blends in with the oven and the microwave that is installed alongside the cabinets.

The kitchen then smoothly opens to a seating area that comes with a modern and clean look with the black television mounted on the wall and an electronic fireplace below it. The use of white and grey couches complement the monochromatic theme of the kitchen and emphasizes the lightweight table in the center of the room.

Another great advantage of this colour scheme is that with the installation of the small window above the sink as well as the larger window on the opposite end of the kitchen, the greenery outside is only emphasized against these muted interior colours.

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