European Style Bathroom – Downtown Vancouver

This project was inspired by modern European design, and incorporates the best elements of those designs combined with a minimalistic style. The colour theme of this design is muted white, black, and grey, which transfers itself well to the rest of the bathroom. The minimalistic design of the project is great for being clutter-free and maintaining a neat and simple appearance. A wide mirror takes up most of the wall above the sink, and underneath that sink are soft glowing LED lights that illuminate the room and minimize the common bathroom problem of harsh fluorescent lighting.

The sink is inlaid and features a sloping bottom that leads to a creatively designed drain that is excellent for minimizing the appearance of blockages in the drain such as hair. The faucet is wall mounted and very simplistic in its design. Below the sink are a set of reflective cupboards with invisible hinges, which adds to the minimalistic design. The room itself is very uniform, with both the floor and the walls being made of marble tile. The counter is white with a smooth, flat finish that is easy to clean and maintain. Above the counter is a miniature wall extension that makes a shelf with both a soap dispenser holder as well as a toothbrush holder.

The design of this project is summed up in one word- modern. Minimalism is a popular design choice in interior design and decorating today, and all of this project’s features are on point with today’s trends. The Italian-inspired design is sure to win over anyone who enters the room,

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