Modern Bathrooms – Beach House

This project is designed to give off a beach house vibe, making it an especially attractive design choice for those who want to feel an element of vacation every time they enter their bathroom. With traces of European style designs and an overarching minimalistic style, this design features some beautiful and unique components.

Floating countertops house white sit-on sinks and are very spacious with a flat smooth finish that is easy to clean and maintain. Between and below the two countertops is a piece of modern bathroom cabinetry in the Teak Sabbiato Naturale style that provides a useful space to place decorations, accessories, and bath supplies. Above each of the two sinks is a wall-mounted faucet, and further up is a medium-sized mirror.

The walk-in shower is large and spacious with a glass wall and grey marble walls as well as a knee-high wall that separates it from the freestanding bathtub that graces the side of the room opposite the sinks. This bathtub is strategically placed with enough space around it to be able to move freely and place additional pieces next to it such as a towel rack or a decorative accessory. All of this is placed on a marble-patterned tile floor that matches the shower walls with its grey colour.

This design is the epitome of the word “spacious”. All of the accessories and features are spaced out from one another and leave a very generous area to move around in. You can expect a bathroom with this design to be open, welcoming, and comfortable, and not at all constricting or difficult to maintain. Guests and family alike will be more than impressed with this design choice.

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