Level swing door Albed Italy.

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Designer: Paolo Cappello
Manufacturer: Albed SKU: 32b9e74c8f60

LEVEL Swing door.The LEVEL hinged door, with very basic and special feature that makes it unique, when it is closed the frame is completely covered by the panel, thanks to the cooperation with the designer Paolo Cappello and ALBED.

The created effect is of a door with a very thin thickness that looks like a surface placed on the wall.

When the door opens, note that the panel has two different heights, the external and higher side is used to cover the jamb.

Made in Italy.

Designer: Paolo Cappello
Manufacturer: Albed
Albed was founded in 1964 with the idea of making high-quality design aluminium complements. It has developed its style and its own production skills, while maintaining its original goals. Our products are made entirely in italy, with raw materials that comply with all environment and safety criteria. A wide ranging production of doors, room dividing systems and walk-in wardrobes. These solutions can adapt to any space, to furnish rooms while creatively optimising every area of the home and office in a refined, thoughtful and innovative manner. Technology, know-how and our production cycle that is entirely an internal process, allows us to make products and offer a “tailor-made” service for every furnishing need.


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