AMBIENT / Company

AMBIENT started in 2007 with a vision to offer a platform for creating contemporary interior design that focuses on effortless, minimal aesthetics, disrupting the traditional ideas of luxury. The company first began curating products for bathrooms – a space that is highly technical and demands a personalized design. During those years, we focused on crafting a direction for design that was modern but uncomplicated and hand-selecting products that reflected that. We continued to expand from there, using the same approach to ensure your style and needs are reflected as you move throughout every space.

We now curate the latest collection of modern kitchens and bathrooms, contemporary closets, interior doors, fixtures, and décor. We are dedicated to sourcing products for personalized environments that mould architectural form and integrate unique materials and technological solutions with the utmost attention to detail. It is seen in the alluring aesthetics and felt as you effortlessly move within and use every space. Our continuous evolution as a company has led us to assemble an extensive and innovative collection of leading European brands. Inspired by our vibrant, urban, and natural surroundings in Vancouver, we integrate European design with West Coast lifestyle. We create this in diverse creative interpretations that architects, interior designers, and homeowners can utilize in their projects.

AMBIENT design collections are featured in a boutique showroom in Vancouver’s Armoury District, a cultural destination for design, furniture, art, and architecture that inspires our vision. Visit our showroom, enjoy the products showcased, and begin to plan the space you’ve envisioned with dedicated personal assistance from AMBIENT.