Oval bathtub in Cristalplant or Flumood.


Colors: Cristalplant comes in 13 colors, Flumood comes in Bianco white and various colors. Please contact us for more information.
W 167 x L 86 x H 53 cm

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Designer: AL Studio
Manufacturer: antoniolupi SKU: ALRFBT

Oval bathtub in Cristalmood or Flumood, complete with drain pipe fitting and pressure plug, siphon, and flexible hose. A pure geometry, a perfect oval, a presence that gives elegance and exclusivity to the bathroom.

REFLEX: Cristalmood is a new material created through antoniolupi’s research, adding to the already existing Flumood® and Quarzomood® materials. Cristalmood® is special due to its transparency and sheen, a new generation of colored resin that is resistant and versatile. It is a colored resin, transparent with a glossy finish, composed of high quality polyester resin and coloring pigments. It has passed the anti-corrosion tests (salt spray) and can be cleaned with common detergents. Thanks to the composition, objects made from Cristalmood® weigh about 30% less than those made with solid surfaces such as our own Flumood.

REFLEXMOOD: This bathtub also comes in the material Flumood. The particularity of the base from which the shape is generated gives an unpublished image to the bathtub. The purity and the organic nature of the lines are capable of expressing lightness and solidity at the same time. It is combined with the ample capacity and the perfect ergonomic volume that envelops the body, ensuring a perfect posture for truly complete relaxation.

Designer: AL Studio
Manufacturer: antoniolupi
Antoniolupi is a world-class leader in the design and manufacturing of top-quality, modern bathroom furniture, fireplaces and living room elements. The distinctive features of this ever-developing company are its ability to innovate by continuously searching for new materials and designs, while investing heavily in manufacturing technology. antoniolupi product line embraces the entire living space, thanks to the collaboration with established designers, such as Carlo Colombo, Nevio Tellatin, Riccardo Fattori, Mauro Carlesi, Domenico de Palo and Paolo Armenise. A guarantee of top quality is antoniolupi’s long-standing mission. Precision manufacturing, high-quality raw materials and attention to details mark each step of the production process.


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Special order item, usually ships in 12-14 weeks. This product is made in Italy and imported specifically for your project, it is non-cancellable and non-returnable.

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