Bule Table

With its harmonious and stylistically generous forms, Bulè stands out for its table top and central, structural base created in the sophisticated and tactile Nero Belgian Blue finish that mimics the characteristic features of the precious marble of the same name. The base has been enhanced by a bronze coated painted metal moulding.

–Reconstructed marble

–Reconstructed marble

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Designer: Chiara Andreatti
Manufacturer: Lema SKU: Bule

East meets West in the Bulè table by Chiara Andreatti, the perfect example of Lema’s increasingly international profile, which also sees the company expanding in the Far East. Indeed, the project has been designed with a particular attention to the social and cultural requirements of the oriental markets. The revolving tray placed on the table top is the epitome of oriental culinary culture and modernity, based on the ethos of openness and sharing.


Designer: Chiara Andreatti
Castelfranco — 1981 Moved to Milan where she graduated in Industrial Designat IED in 2003 and attended a master at Domus Academy. She collaborated with several design studios, such as Raffaella Mangiarotti, Renato Montagner and, from 2006 to 2017, she also worked with studio Lissoni Associati (MI), whilst developing freelance projects. Working with companies such as GlasItalia, CCtapis, Non Sans Raison, Fendi, Atipico, Mingardo Designer Farber. In 2017, she became art director for Bottega Nove, Texturae and Karpeta. Continuously exploring aesthetics, she often combines the artisan culture of her Venetian roots with industrial design, believing that a handcrafted and poetic touch on everyday objects will enrich our lives.
Manufacturer: Lema
LEMA was the first company in Italy to create custom modular systems for the furniture. This concept allowed Lema to create a complete range for the home that can be arranged according to personal taste and requirements. This is LEMA Casa, where design is free from restrictions and characterized by a lived-in atmosphere, thanks to the impeccable quality and elegance of the single pieces. These creations live in harmony, able to adapt freely and naturally in every home worldwide. Woods, glass and metals worked in different ways create these impeccably designed items, giving a modern interpretation of the every day furniture and demonstrating the essence of Made in Italy.



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