TWINS kitchen collection by Key Cucine.
UNIQUE DETAILS: A note of technical excellence and great aesthetic impact in Twins is represented by the system created between the doors and the top of the two islands: the doors in fact open from above and surmount the top, and the two elements in the closed position match perfectly, giving the islands a compact and extremely elegant effect.
MATERIALS: Stoneware, with black Marquinia finish. Fossil Oak wood.
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Designer: Nevio Tellatin
Manufacturer: Key Cucine SKU: 7caf5e22ea3e

Minimal and contemporary, Twins fully expresses that attention to detail that lies at the heart of the production philosophy of Key Cucine, a company capable of sophisticated choices, constantly searching for productive innovation and qualitative excellence.
Conceived for an extended and minimal environment, it has a light and bright color, with a Gres island top with a Marquinia black finish.
The island ends with a portion in fossil oak wood. This choice was conceived by Nevio Tellatin with a dual purpose: “on the one hand, to underline its different functions, on the other, to create harmonious continuity with the living area”. At the end of the counter, two comfortable armchairs and a spectacular fireplace invite you to relax and get lost in the panorama of the lake.
The new Twins is the virtuous example of Key Cucine’s ability to customize the models in the catalog into new compositions, ennobling the kitchen space to the max, making it so refined and pleasant as to merge the kitchen and living room into a single, indistinct space.

Designer: Nevio Tellatin
Manufacturer: Key Cucine
Key Cucine is a renowned design kitchen brand with a unique style and a strong personality. They are defined by exclusive and contemporary tailor-made kitchen designs, in a huge range of options made of innovative materials. Key Cucine customs each project, according to customer needs, with a sustainability vision. Key Cucine converts design into identity. Made in Italy.




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