Top with integrated sink in Flumood Satin finish.


Colors: Bianco white and two grey shades, Flumood Falena and Serena.
Dimensions: Custom.
Single L 72-272.4 cm
Double L 144-272.4 cm

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Designer: Mario Ferrarini
Manufacturer: antoniolupi SKU: ALBRECT

Top with integrated sink in Flumood Satin finish, 12 mm thick, complete with drain pipe fitting and open plug.

A strong but delicate mark at the same time, a light but evident groove on the surface that characterizes its identity. An aesthetic detail that satisfies a fundamental functional need, an idea that solves a technical aspect, and becomes a distinctive feature of the project. Breccia is a top with a round integrated washbasin in Flumood® that can be made to measure. The form recalls the image of a natural basin that opens into the ground and welcomes a small river that pours its waters right into the volume.

Its particularity lies in how the drain has been developed, a constant subject of investigation and research by antoniolupi. It is the company to eliminate the traditional waste fitting by proposing elegant and integrated solutions in the design of the element, today it has thought of Breccia, a cut that allows water to flow, a sign that starts from a hole and in the groove digs into the material a continuum that connects it to the perimeter of the sink. A delicate gesture, a hinted trace that gives elegance and organic nature to the sink.

Designer: Mario Ferrarini
Manufacturer: antoniolupi
Antoniolupi is a world-class leader in the design and manufacturing of top-quality, modern bathroom furniture, fireplaces and living room elements. The distinctive features of this ever-developing company are its ability to innovate by continuously searching for new materials and designs, while investing heavily in manufacturing technology. antoniolupi product line embraces the entire living space, thanks to the collaboration with established designers, such as Carlo Colombo, Nevio Tellatin, Riccardo Fattori, Mauro Carlesi, Domenico de Palo and Paolo Armenise. A guarantee of top quality is antoniolupi’s long-standing mission. Precision manufacturing, high-quality raw materials and attention to details mark each step of the production process.


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